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Sell more homes faster – “The Complete Listing Solution”

The problem is that the business you win, gets in the way of going out and getting more. Getting the listing by differentiating your services; preparing the listing; creating compelling, quality marketing materials without spending extreme amounts of time; closing listings and getting a referral, reduce the time that agents can spend with valuable new client opportunities.

This applies to realtors, developers, property managers, renovators, contractors or designers; snapd iGuides is your complete property support team. snapd IGuides and Colourtech joined forces to build a complete listing solution.
Snapd iGuides uses a patented camera and process that provides virtual tours, floor plans, with room measurements square footage and all your still images. An easy to use set or tools are then provide so the any agent can build their print and web marketing materials. That is where Colourtech comes in.

“When Michael Feric from OakPort Media/snapd showed us that we were already using snapd iGuides photos to create the marketing materials for many of our customers we immediately saw that there was a better way to service our valued customers and expand the service” says Robert Campbell, president of Colourtech. “By integrating the ordering process for the marketing materials with the snapd iGuides at the beginning of the listing process, we can work with our customers while the snapd iGuides is being completed and reduce the time and increase quality and while saving our clients time which we all know, is money”.

snapd “the positive community publication” partners with many community minded Real Estate Agents across the GTHA to enhance the communities that we will and work in by supporting local initiatives. We saw the iGuides as an opportunity to leverage these 2 great products and then when I was introduced to Bob by a mutual friend, an even bigger opportunity presented itself for a broader market.

This collaboration will be available across the GTHA

Service Update Notice

We will be changing the standard Square Footage effective June 1, 2015. If requested in the booking form, the “Total” basement will be charged as part of the total square footage.

We have been asked to improve the consistency, and clarity of the offering to ensure that our customers (Agents) can selected the right package for their need and know what to expect when they receive the final product.  You have been enquiring for a better solutions for large homes with finished basements and bungalows with finished basements.  For any homes without basements this will make the decision process easier as well.

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