Learn about snapd iGuide


An Introduction to the iGuide Interface

In this video, you will learn how to navigate your way through a floor plan, and how to engage in an immersive walkthrough experience. You will also be shown how to assess the property’s natural lighting, and take measurements between any two points on the property – all with a few simple clicks and drags from your mouse.

You will also be introduced to iGuide’s handy and easy-to-use features, which include: the Auto Play button (so you can sit back and take an automatic tour), the Take Picture button (so that you can take property snapshots and save them to your computer), and the PDF Floor Plan button (so that you can export floor plans in PDF form).

This video will also show you how to view property images (either one at a time, or in a slideshow), as well as how to use the map function to explore the neighborhood and community features, like nearby schools, transit, and restaurants.

iGuide Report

In this video, you will learn about iGuide’s valuable features and tools for preparing, marketing, and managing your properties.

The video will demonstrate how you can use iGuide’s social media buttons so you can share your iGuide.

You will also be shown weblinks (both branded and unbranded) to the interactive property tour, floor plans, and image galleries that you can copy, paste, and share online.

iGuide Analytics

iGuide Analytics provides a strong indicator of which external sources are most valuable in generating traffic for your property listing.

For instance, iGuide’s breakdown of unique versus returning visitors indicates how many come back for multiple visits. To help you understand how long visitors are staying once they arrive, we have given a detailed breakdown of the length a visitor stays.

This video will show you how to use iGuide Analytics to understand and optimize your listings online, monitor impact, measure engagement, and improve your overall online effectiveness.

The iGuide Embedding Tool

The Embedding Tool allows you to create a code you add to third-party websites.

Embedding places the iGuide directly inside a website to provide a completely contained and interactive experience.

This video will demonstrate how you can choose how the iGuide interface initially looks. You can also choose to make the iGuide branded or unbranded.

The Competition Problem

This is a common problem. Surveys show that 88% of home buyers want a response about their desired house within one hour. An hour? That’s impossible, right?

Actually, it’s totally possible – with the iGuide.

iGuide gives you a 360 degree virtual view of the whole property, the ability to take live room measurements, plus easy access to floor plans, a photo gallery, and everything you need for standout social media.

iGuide gives you the quick answers you need so you can focus on beating out the competition, selling more houses, and building your booming business.

The Closing Problem

The buyer wants more walkthroughs, but the seller is refusing. So now you’re stuck answering buyer calls about every single detail. Plus, your inbox is flooded with email and now you’re required to make extra trips to the house. You’re so busy that you’re missing opportunities from leads that you worked hard to generate.

There is a better way. It’s the iGuide.

With one click, you’ve got the entire house on your tablet. Give the buyer the iGuide and they can answer their own questions. They’ll have a 360-degree virtual view of the entire property and they can make live room measurements. They’ll have 24-hour access to their property. Plus, they get floor plans and can take custom photos.