Standard Features


Interactive Floor Plans

We provide as-built floor plans for each floor allowing you to easily navigate by instantly teleporting to any room on any floor. You know exactly where you are at any time and where you are looking. You can download floor plans in PDF format or link to them directly from your website. Floor plans make your listings stand out.

Accurate Measurements

We take our own measurements to draft accurate floor plans. We provide you with room dimensions and floor areas for each floor to help you with your listing preparation. Available only through snapd iGuide, on-screen measurements are used by buyers for confirmation of dimensions of complex-shaped rooms and for furniture planning purposes. This helps cut down on your response time and pre-closing walk-throughs.



Enhanced 360 Degree Views

We shoot full 360 degree by 360 degree HDR panoramas of every room, quite unlike other providers. You have complete viewing control and don’t feel dizzy. snapd iGuide panoramas are integrated with floor plans and allow you to pan around and look all the way up at a ceiling or down at a floor and zoom onto features of interest. This helps cut down on your response time to buyer’s questions about property features.

Panoramic Video

Want to sit back and be taken on a house tour? snapd iGuide will take you through an entire property room by room and floor by floor. And unlike Youtube videos, you can change rooms and floors at any time




snapd iGuide provides orientation of a property with respect to geographic north. This feature allows buyers to assess amount of sunlight each room gets and helps in their space planning.

Custom Image Capture

snapd iGuide gives you the ability to center and zoom onto any feature in panoramas and to capture custom images. You can share these images with your clients for numerous purposes or you can snap additional images for your marketing materials.



Photo Gallery

snapd iGuide delivers a photo gallery with vivid still images. We supply you with a copy of these images that can be used for MLS listing and other marketing materials.

Neighbourhood Maps

We link to neighbourhood maps from the best map providers. Explore neighbourhood amenities, satellite imagery, or Google’s StreetView.