Why snapd iGuide?

Leading Edge 3-in-1 Technology


snapd iGuide helps reduce the costs associated with listing and marketing properties. Eliminate the time and expense of taking photographs, gathering room measurements, and calculating floor areas.

Improved Responsiveness

snapd iGuide provides tools and information that improve overall client satisfaction. With immediate and complete online access to property information, respond faster to potential buyers and reduce hassle for sellers.

Revolutionary Technology

snapd iGuide provides unrivalled detailed property information, stunning visuals, and is the only service that completely integrates floor plans with enhanced 360 degree views and first rate HDR photography.

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The Listing Problem

The Listing Problem

The Competition

The Competition

The Closing Problem

The Closing Problem

How it Works


Using proprietary Planitar laser measuring camera, snapd iGuide photographers scan and document a property, quickly and efficiently.


snapd iGuide technical team processes the data using proprietary software to create an interactive property guide – your snapd iGuide.


snapd iGuides are hosted and managed in the snapd iGuide cloud on walk-inside.com, accessible from anywhere and on any device.

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